Hello, My name is Nathen and this is going to be a place for me to put my ramblings. I have lots of interests so I expect this bloggity blog to be kinda all over the place. I hope you find it helpful and entertaining!
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The weather has turned cool and the air has that crisp feeling that announces the coming of autumn. I have always loved the times of the year when you can feel the seasons changing. There is something about those times of transition that puts me in a contemplative mood.


I am starting this new blog and it has me thinking about the beginnings of things. I tend to be a person who is great at getting something started but then I fizzle out somewhere toward the middle. I am not as bad as I once was but it can still be a struggle to carry something through. 

That is not to say I have never finished anything. I have managed to accomplish quite a bit. I am finishing a masters degree in social work, I own and operate a small massage office. But sometimes I start a project and it just falls to the side.

So I suppose this blog will be a kind of practice that i do to help me work on pushing through whatever it is that tends to slow me down on a whatever project I am working on. This blog will likely be all over the place as I plan to post whatever it is I am doing or working on in the moment.

Thanks to those who will follow me on my bloggity bloggings!